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3 MIL Matte Green TG180 4 Layer PCB Design Fr4 2 Oz Copper Thickness

Good quality Single Sided PCB Board for sales
Good quality Single Sided PCB Board for sales
I''m very pleased with my experience with Global Success. Starting from the easy ordering, moving to quick feedback to confirm some details before manufacturing, the thing that reflects the professionalism to satisfy costumer needs.The price is unbeatable and the quality is fantastic. Definitely recommend!

—— Thomas Schlie

Perfect PCB and price!

—— Anita Bergoc

Very high quality, quick shipping and perfect soldering performance! Will buy again!

—— Marcin Hajdzinski

Very fast build time and shipping. I′m very impressed. The fabrication quality is excelent, and the customers assistance is five stars. They deserve all our trust. They′ve converted in one of my favorite suppliers. Keep working like this!

—— Hana Heřmanová

Excellent cost, quality and very fast! I''m very satisfaction!

—— Allan Hick

You can really be proud of your perfect silkscreen ! The board works fine and has exact measurements ! Also the boards arrived very quick ! Good Job and thank you !!

—— Adem ACAR

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3 MIL Matte Green TG180 4 Layer PCB Design Fr4 2 Oz Copper Thickness

China 3 MIL Matte Green TG180 4 Layer PCB Design Fr4 2 Oz Copper Thickness supplier

Large Image :  3 MIL Matte Green TG180 4 Layer PCB Design Fr4 2 Oz Copper Thickness

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China (mainland)
Brand Name: Global Success Circuits Co.,Ltd
Certification: ISO 9001-2008, ISO TS 16949 ,UL
Model Number: GPC12580

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Price: US$ 0.3 - 1.3 / Piece
Packaging Details: vacuum package
Delivery Time: 1 - 15 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T, Western Union
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Detailed Product Description
Material: FR4 Board Thickness: 1.5MM
Soldermask: Green Silkscreen: White
Surface Treatment: LF HASL Copper Thickness: 1OZ
Min. Grid Line Width: 3MIL Minimum Line Width/space: 3.5MIL
Impedance Control Tolerance: +/-8% High TG: Tg170
High Light:

4 layer board


4 layer pcb prototype

3 MIL Matte Green TG180 4 Layer PCB Design Fr4 2 Oz Copper Thickness


Number of layers: 2 layers
Material: FR4
Board thickness: 1.6mm
Surface plating: Lead Free HASL
Special process description: 1OZ ,

TG value: TG170



5 business days for single and double-sided prototype boards.

7 business days for multi-layer prototype boards.

8 business days for single and double-sided production orders.

9 business days for multi-layer production orders.


24 Hour Turnaround available on single and double sided boards.

48 Hour Turnaround available on multi-layer boards.


PCBA/PCB assembly specifications:

  1. PCB layers: 1 to 18 layers (standard)
  2. PCB materials/types: FR4, aluminum, CEM1, super thin PCB, FPC/gold finger, HDI
  3. Assembly service types: DIP/SMT or mixed SMT and DIP
  4. Copper thickness: 0.5-10oz
  5. Assembly surface finish: HASL, ENIG, OSP, immersion tin, immersion Ag, flash gold
  6. PCB dimensions: 450x1500mm
  7. IC pitch (min): 0.2mm
  8. Chip size (min): 0201
  9. Leg distance (min): 0.3mm
  10. BGA sizes: 8x6/55x55mm
  12. u-BGA ball diameter: 0.2mm
  13. Required docs for PCBA Gerber file with BOM list and pick-n-place file (XYRS)
  14. SMT speed: chip components SMT speed 0.3S/pieces, max speed 0.16S/pieces

What can we do for you?

  1. EMS-electronic manufacturing service
  2. PCB supply and layout
  3. PCB assembly on SMT, BGA and DIP
  4. Cost effective components sourcing
  5. Fast turn prototype and mass production
  6. Box build assembly
  7. Engineering supported
  8. Tests (X-ray, 3D paste thickness, ICT, AOI and functional tests)

For PCBA order, provide us:

  1. PCB Gerber file
  2. BOM list for PCBA
  3. Sample of PCB and PCBA
  4. Test method for PCBA

Services and applications:

  1. Through hole board assembly
  2. SMT assembly including BGA assembly, smallest placement: 0201
  3. Material procurement
  4. Consigned material management
  5. Plastic or metal enclosure
  6. Complex final assembly
  7. Functional test
  8. Cable assembly
  9. Labeling and packing
  10. Customized logistics per customer
  11. Laser cut framed SMT solder paste stencils
  12. PCB design and schematic capture

Just-in-time logistics and delivery are crucial for today's PCB manufacturers. GS can help your business stay ahead of the competition by improving quality, productivity, and delivery in your supply chain while reducing costs.


Give us a try with your next quote. You will be glad you did.


Many users have experienced to buy "cheap" is not always the best solution, but you will not be disappointed with us, we prefer to lose an order than to lose a customer!



Item Mass production Small batch production
Number of layers UP TO 18L UP TO L
Laminate type FR-4, halogen free, high TG(Shengyi, KB), Cem-3, PTFE, aluminum based, PTEE, Rogers or more. FR-4, Halogen free, High TG(Shengyi, KB), Cem-3, PTFE, Aluminum based, PTEE, Rogers or more.
Maximum board size 610mm*1100mm 610mm*1100mm
Board thickness 0.1mm-7.00mm <0.1mm and >7.00mm
Minimum line width/space 3.5mil(0.0875mm) 3mil(0.075mm)
Minimum line gap +/-15% +/-10%
Outer layer copper thickness 35um-175um 35um-210um
Inner layer copper thickness 12um-175um 12um-210um
Drilling hole size(Mechanical) 0.15mm-6.5mm 0.15mm-6.5mm
Finished hole size (Mechanical) 0.15mm-6.0mm 0.15mm-6.0mm
Board thickness hole size ratio 14:1 16:1
Board thickness tolerance(t=0.8mm) ±8% ±5%
Board thickness tolerance(t<0.8mm) ±10% ±8%
Min. grid line width 4mil(12, 18, 35um), 6mil(70um) 4mil(12, 18, 35um), 6mil(70um)
Min. grid spacing 6mil(12, 18, 35um), 8mil(70um) 6mil(12, 18, 35um), 8mil(70um)
Hole size tolerance(Mechanical) 0.05-0.075mm 0.05mm
Hole position tolerance(Mechanical) 0.005mm 0.005mm
Solder mask color Green, Blue, Black, White, Yellow, Red, Grey etc. Green, Blue, Black, White, Yellow, Red, Grey etc.
Impedance control tolerance +/-10% +/-8%
Min. distance between drilling to conductor(non-blind buried orifice) 8mil(8L), 9mil(10L), 10mil(14L), 12mil(26L) 6mil(8L), 7mil(10L), 8mil(14L), 12mil(26L)
Min. Character width and height(35um base copper) Line width: 5mil
Height: 27mil
Line width: 5mil; height: 27mil
Max. test voltage 500V 500V
Max. test current 200mA 200mA

Surface treatment
Flash Gold 0.025-0.075um 0.025-0.5um
Immersion Gold 0.05-0.1um 0.1-0.2um
Sn/Pb HASL 1-70um 1-70um
Lead-free HASL 1-70um 1-70um
Immersion Silver 0.08-0.3um 0.08-0.3um
OSP 0.2-0.4um 0.2-0.4um
Gold Finger 0.375um >=1.75um
Hard Gold Plating 0.375um >=1.75um
Immersion Sin 0.8um  
V-Cut rest thickness tolerance ±0.1mm ±0.1mm

Outline profile
Chamfer The angle type of the chamfer 30,45,60
Plug via hole Max.size can be plugged 0.6mm
Largest NPTH hole size 6.5mm >6.5mm
Largest PTH hole size 6.5mm >6.5mm
Min. solder spacer ring 0.05mm 0.05mm
Min. solder bridge width 0.1mm 0.1mm
Drilling diameter 0.15mm-0.6mm 0.15mm-0.6mm
Min. pad diameter with hole 14mil( 0.15mm drilling) 12mil( 0.1mm laser)
Min. BGA pad diameter 10mil 8mil
Chemical ENIG gold thickness 0.025-0.1um(1-4U) 0.025-0.1um
Chemical ENIG nickel thickness 3-5um(120-200U) 3-5um
Min. resistance test Ω 5


3 MIL Matte Green TG180 4 Layer PCB Design Fr4 2 Oz Copper Thickness

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